Sunday, February 14, 2016

Day of Grace

A cold, snowy, lazy day here in the mountains.
It's the kinda day to take your time, relax,
take a shower only to put PJ's back on for the rest of the day.
 That is what my sister told me is called a day of grace. 

There are no hearts decorating the house this year for Valentines Day.
I've got so many things packed away so the house doesn't look crowded for showings 
and I really miss decorating for the holidays.
 We changed realtors as of the first of the year and 
are much more hopeful that the house will sell this spring.

 Meanwhile I have managed to finally get some work done.
Robin Red Breast is finished. 

 He will be flying off to a new home as soon as Pog makes a base for him. 

  Strawberry ornaments are being stitched.
I love using this old school lunch tray to hold my work while in front 
of the TV or sitting by the wood stove. 

 This was my Valentines Day surprise from Pog.
His homemade danish with three kinds of filling.
Prune, almond and my favorite cherry cheese! 

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day 
and a day of grace!


Sunday, January 31, 2016

Been Too Long Gone

Yep, I've been gone for too long but hopefully its not too late to come back now. 
Seems like the last couple of months have been a blur. 
I can't believe it is now the last day of January!  

There hasn't been a lot of activity in the studio. 
I've had a very hard time getting back to work after the holidays. 
This is what my work table looks like right now.

Sad to say that the beginnings of a bird has been there for over a week. 
The only things I have to show for the last month is a couple of new moths

and a few new ornaments.

The Snowmen and Twinkles (the star with a nose) are the two new ones 
I designed and made for the kids at Christmas. 
I was pleased enough with them to make extra to sell.
The penny ornaments are always a favorite to stitch.
 I had almost ran out of ornaments by the end of last year so 
I need to make a few each week to catch up. 

We survived the big snow storm last weekend but there is still lots of snow around. 
It's going to take a while to melt 14" of snow.
It took us several days before we were able to get our car out 
and then back up our driveway! 

I was sick with a cold the entire time so it was not much fun. 
Hopefully I will be back soon with some new work! 

Just an FYI - Shuttle Hook and Needle is now on Instagram.

If you are a Instagram user then look me up! 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Studio Tour!

The Toe River Studio tour has begun! 
My studio is number 27 (Grenell Studios) on the map.
Info and maps are available at

Hours are 12 to 4 today and Sat/Sun 10 to 5pm.

There are lots of rugs, table runners, dishtowels,
 mug rugs, ornaments and critters available! 

Chenille Scarves
Table Runners and Dish towels. 

We have hot spiced cider and home baked goodies!
Come see me! 

I'll post more pics as time allows this weekend.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Snow Man with Cardinal

 Meet my new Snow Man!

I think he is a cool guy with his Shibori dyed wool coat 
along with his Cardinal friend and birdhouse! 

Back View  
Cardinal has lots of stitching!

Bird house will be warm and snuggly for Cardinal when the snow comes!

Holly and greens make his house festive for the holidays.
He has been a lot of work with all the dyeing, stitiching, embroidery 
but I am in love with him.
This first snowman turned out big at 35" tall.
I have a feeling he is only the first of many and smaller ones are planned. 

Oak Tree has returned from the Toe River Arts Council Juried Art Show. 
Sadly no prize but was very honored to be included in a show filled with 
amazing paintings, photography, glass and pottery. 

Busy, busy time of year but then my entire year has felt this way. 
I can't seem to keep up with my life and the days/weeks are passing in a blur. 

Studio tour is coming up December 4 thru 6 and I am working to get ready for it.
Hopefully after that I can get some rest!!