Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mountain Snow

Mt. Celo

We got around 5 to 5.5 inches of fluffy snow last night.
It is pretty but personally I would rather see sun, flowers and green.

I know there are a lot of people wishing for the same thing
 and they have had it so much worse than we have.

Yesterday I saw a whole flock of Robins in Asheville.
Seeing them gave me hope that
Spring has to be coming soon!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Floor Loom For Sale

This loom originally belonged to Tosihiko Takaysu, a famous potter/ceramist, 
who studied at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan during the 1950's. 
I bought this this loom directly from her at her home in Jew Jersey around 2006. 
She told me that she knew Lenore Tawney during her time at Cranbrook,
 and she said, "If Lenore could weave so could I".
She then bought the loom and did weave, but she used it very few times.
You can Google both those names to read more about who they were.

This loom is in very good condition. 
I hate to sell it, but I am only one person with seven looms. 
I can't use them all, and I need the space in the studio this one will give me.

This is the information about the loom:

Cranbrook Bexel Countermarch Floor Loom
64" weaving width
6 Harnesses, 8 Treadles
Overhead Beater
New apron on front
New Texsolv tie up and heddles
Ratchet brake front and back
Comes with one 64 inch 6 dent reed, 2 boat shuttles and bench
Also included - new Ashford Table Top Skein Winder, usually sells for around 100 dollars.
Also included, if wanted, assorted fiber books and a lot of weaving yarns. (Yarns are cotton,
wool and some mixed synthetics)

Price is $3250.00
No shipping, must be picked up at my studio
May contact me for more info and pictures.
Please, only serious inquiry.

 I had trouble with Blogger when I cut and pasted my original post from a word document, so I had to delete it and re-post to fix the problem. I did get everyone's comments and appreciate them very much.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Home Tweet Home

Spring has sprung for this little wren. 
She has built the nicest little cottage to build her nest in. 

With vines growing around her door and flowers at her windows 
I know her little ones will be all safe and cozy inside. 

Her mossy little cottage was built with a sense of humor. 
No tree stump or tree branch to hold up her house but bird feet instead!
 She is the envy of the neighborhood with such a whimsical home.
Oh what fun I have had creating and stitching my little wren house!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Trick or Treat?

Who says a hare can’t go trick or treating?

Especially if he gets carrots in his pumpkin bucket!

While I was working on Tweed I kept thinking of a memory I had of my daughter at 
Halloween when she was around 9 or 10. 
 I made a rabbit costume by using a white sheet to make her
 a sack like dress, and a mask for her face. 
It was a great face with pink and white felt stitched on the white
 with big ears and whiskers, but the ears were so floppy! 
I didn’t know then what to do to make them stand up
 so she spent the whole night holding up her ears 
while carrying a pumpkin bucket and treating for candy. 

Trickster doesn’t have to hold up his ears 
and he not only has carrots in his pumpkin bucket 
but a carrot necklace too! 
He is entirely made with my hand dyed wool fabric and a mohair tail. 

He was great fun to make while remembering my little girl who is all grown up now.

I know this won’t make up for your night of ear holding misery Jess, 
but maybe you will get a laugh out of Trickster!