Tuesday, September 1, 2015

More Cats with Long Tails!

Seems like one set of Cat Dolls was not enough for me. 
 I made two more sets and didn't change their tails! 

I laughed when I read the comments and saw "long tails".
 Yes, it is a fine thing to have a long tail and they do help them sit up so nicely! 

I've really enjoyed and had fun making the cats. 
There is a lot of sewing in them but once 
I got my pattern worked out the clothes went a little faster. 

As much as I have enjoyed them it is back to weaving. 
Rugs will be going on the looms today. 
I am so behind and need to pick up the speed on rugs and runners. 

Happy September Everyone! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Here Kitty Kitty

 My new "Cat" dolls were fun and simple to make 
after spending so much time on Oak Tree.
They are dressed in their Autumn colors and as ready for Fall as I am! 
I may have gotten carried away on their tails and made them a little big
but they are fun. 

A big thank you to each and everyone who made a comment on the Oak Tree. 
All of your comments mean a lot to me! 
 I was not sure what the reaction to the tree would be but so far it has been very positive! 
I've turned in my application and photos 
so I should hear something from the jury by the end of September. 

And to answer Jeri's question about how I could part with the tree - 
I have sold many weavings, sculptures and dolls that I have put my heart and soul into. 
It is very hard to part with them especially since most of my work is one of a kind
 and will never happen the same way again. 
That's part of an artists life. 
You have to sell your work so you can make more. 
I have always heard it said that artist's can't afford their own work 
and have found unfortunately for that to be true. 
For me the joy is in the creating/making of things and being able to do what I love. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Oak Tree

The Oak Tree sculpture was finished a couple of weeks ago but 
I waited to show it to you after the official photographs were taken. 

Oak Tree

This has been the most labor intensive sculpture that I have made. 
It measures 12" at the oak wood base, 18" wide at the branches and 25" tall. 

Back View
 The tree is made from my hand dyed wool fabric using the Shibori technique 
I showed you last post.
 This type of dyeing gave me the perfect wood grain look. 
The base, branches and roots of the tree have been stitched 
and gathered to emphasize the wood grain patterning. 

Carolina Wren


All of the leaves have been hand stitched and 
made with my hand dyed wool fabric.
         They took the longest to stitch since each individual leaf is wire wrapped.

Owl, Mouse, Bird and Moth were all individually made and then attached to the tree. 

It was a long process with a lot of stitching but
 I am very pleased with how this idea turned out! 
The tree will be entered into a juried art show which is coming up in our area. 
I am hoping it will be accepted especially after all this work!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shibori Dyed Wool

We have finally caught up enough on the “have to do right now” list for the house 
that I can go back to work in the studio.
 I love working with wool fabric - stitching, dyeing and felting but
 especially I like the Shibori stitched and dyed wool. 
Dyeing wool fabric this way is great for applique but not for rug hooking. 
Rug hooking needs only shading which is easier to dye for 
but Shibori stitched and dyed fabric has a wonderful patterning. 
It is a little more work since you have to hand stitch your fabric and 
draw it up before dyeing but it is not complicated.

Stitched and drawn up wool fabric before pouring on concentrated dye.

Then into a dye bath to add more color on top.

Pattern starts to emerge when cutting out the ties.

Wood grain patterning.

If you have never seen Shibori before or know what it is then 
do a Google search and you will be amazed at the possibilities in using this technique.

Making an oak tree using this type of dyed wool fabric has been in my mind for quite a while.
 I usually make very few sketches when planning a new sculpture. 
I like to cut out shapes and let forms evolve with each new piece
 and I make the technical parts up as I go along. 
I am not sure how my tree is going to turn out but then 
I am never sure of how any new piece will work.
 That is one of the reasons I don’t like showing work in progress. 
If it doesn’t work then no one but me knows! 
This time I think I will give you just a glimpse of my oak tree because 
so far I am very pleased with how it is progressing.

I am taking care of my grand dog Jack this week so it has been a good time to stitch on the tree while he sleeps on the rug beside me. 

Jack is a miniature Schnauzer and a very lazy old man.
Thanks to everyone who commented and offered encouragement on my last post.
It meant a lot to me and helped me to keep a positive attitude and hope for the future.
What ever that might turn out to be.