Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Needmore meets Jack Rabbit

Mr. Needmore Snow has spent his days quietly in the forest sitting upon a stump and wondering where all the snow is. Only a few flakes have appeared and disappeared just as quickly as they came.

One warm day, too warm for Needmore, he saw something extraordinary in the woods. What could those yellow things be coming up from the ground he wondered aloud? Suddenly there was a noise close by and a rabbit appeared! Throwing up a hand in greeting Needmore introduced himself.

“Why hello there, my name is Mr. Needmore Snow and who might you be?”  The rabbit looked at Needmore curiously and said, “My name is Mr. Jack Rabbit, and I have brought spring to the forest.”  Those yellow things you are wondering about are called Daffodil’s. They are flowers that herald the beginning of spring!

Mr. Needmore became sad. He knew the time had come for him to hibernate deep in a cave in the forest. He thought, “It will be cool there and safe ‘till time for me to come out into the forest again and sit upon my stump, and smoke my pipe. I will wait for the snow to fall so I can become a big snowman for the kids to admire in the yard and not just a snowball sitting upon a stump in the forest.

As Mr. Needmore Snow slipped away, he could be heard calling out, “Welcome Mr. Jack Rabbit and welcome spring. I will see you again come next winter.”

Mr. Needmore Snow throwing up a hand in greeting.

Mr. Jack Rabbit appears!

Mr. Needmore Snow and Mr. Jack Rabbit

Goodbye for now Mr. Needmore Snow!

Welcome Spring!


  1. Thank you! That makes me feel great!

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  2. EEk!!! The Mr. need more snow is adorable!