Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kit Update

Kit is still only taking a few bites.  On the last visit to the vet, she said just to wait and see how she does. They really could not find anything wrong with her other than some tenderness in her tummy. We have tried everything to tempt her to eat but she really doesn't want to do anything but sleep and lay in our laps. She doesn't seem to be in any pain but  I am so worried about her. She seems to be getting weaker. I am not ready to let her go but I am afraid she is not going to get better and I am not going to let her suffer. We will do what the vet said,  just wait and see.

My Sweet Kit


  1. Your Kit is such a sweetie. I'm so hopeful that by now she is feeling better!


  2. Kit is still only taking a few bites no matter what we have fixed for her. She is sleeping a lot especially close to me at night.