Friday, November 9, 2012

Rug Finish

I am still weaving rugs and making ornaments for the upcoming studio tour. I have three rugs hemmed and ready to tag. I think they turned out nicely. The denim ones are harder 
to make simply because they take more effort to cut the strips, sew them together and 
to beat them into sturdy rugs. The others are simpler and easier to beat and 
the new Toika loom is a dream to work on!

I always hem my rugs. I serge the ends and then use a triple rolled, hand stitched hem using upholstery thread. Fringe is an easier finish but I always thought it made rugs look messy and that is always the first place that starts to wear.

Denim Log Cabin

I still have time to finish a few more rugs; but time is running out, and I am running out of steam. After the tour I am going to take a couple of months off and enjoy the holidays. I have so many projects to work on for myself and the house. I am looking forward to a snowy winter, but if there is not much snow then that will be all right too. The house will still be a warm and cozy haven for Pog, Sadie and me to be together in!


  1. those are beautiful, blessings on your show!

  2. love the rugs! i also prefer a rolled hem for durability :)

  3. Wonderful colors. I agree about the finished edges. Beautiful job1

  4. Beautiful rugs! The demin one is my favorite.

  5. Your rugs and workmanship are simply beautiful...Good luck with your show. I too am happy to be snowed in this winter, there are so many projects and crafts that I would love to work on. I cannot get over how much your Sadie and my Sadie look alike, twins! Greetings from Maine, Julie.