Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tour Aftermath

The tour has come and gone once again. Seems strange to be in frenzy of cleaning, arranging and finishing last minute projects and then to the quiet aftermath. The tour was moderately successful. No large purchases but sold a lot of smaller items and made some good contacts.  There were so many interesting people to meet and talk to. I miss that from working at Penland Gallery now that I am in the isolation of my own studio.

There is now time to catch up on house chores and decorate our living space for Christmas. I was going to keep it quite and easy for the rest of the month. Instead I started cleaning out closets and decided it was time to let a lot of “stuff” go. Too much clutter and I want everything to feel less crowded and more organized!

I’ve decided to gradually go through the entire house and clean out. By next spring I should be ready for a yard sale! So much for quiet aftermath!  


  1. Glad you had a good tour...great pic of your loom. I'm always "Spring cleaning"...a never ending process!
    Enjoy your down time,

  2. Beautiful loom. I always say I'm going to go room to room cleaning out the clutter, but it seems like I just move it around. I hope you are more successful :)