Saturday, May 18, 2013

Catching Up

I have been so busy and so very tired that I haven’t taken the time to blog much.
The weather has finally changed to warmer temps and less rain. 
That meant annuals need to be potted and beds cleaned out.
I don’t grow a large garden like I used to, but we do keep a few pots of herbs, tomatoes and peppers on the back deck. In one large bed, which Pog built for me, we planted sunflowers, squash and zucchini Wednesday. 

I planted sunflowers under the trellis.

Another large bed is my zinnia seeds saved for many years from my Mom’s seeds. She always planted the first row in her garden with a whole row of zinnias. It was the row that faced the road so she wanted her garden to look pretty for everyone and to hide the fact that the garden was not always weed free!

Pog is working on sawing up a large tree he cut down. Unfortunately we are going to do some selective cutting of trees. I hate to cut them down, but some of our trees have grown tall enough to obstruct the view.  We will use them for firewood and with our chipper, 
mulch the branches so nothing will go to waste. 
It will be a slow process so don’t worry that we are clear-cutting the forest! 
We would never do that to our beautiful woods!

The Toe River Arts Council Studio Tour is coming up soon. I’m trying but it has been really hard this year to produce what I need for the tour. There have been too many unexpected things happening in our lives, which take time away from the studio and sap my energy.

 I don’t like feeling pressured into working; so finally, I have just accepted that the tour will be what it will be. I still have lots of nice things that I am finishing up now,
 a few more woven rugs, some dishtowels and hopefully a few more table runners. 

Remember that pile of wool and fabric on the worktable I showed you recently? 
There really are a couple of unusual fellows appearing from that mess. 

Hopefully I can show you the finish soon.

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments I have been receiving. 
I appreciate each and every one! 
Welcome to all my new followers!!

Remember also that Grenell Studios is on Facebook. 
I am trying to do better posting there with daily happenings in the studio.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


  1. I've been working outside too and mostly trying to keep ahead of the weeds so I understand busy. Life takes some twists and turns that are not always planned. You just have to go with it and do your best.

    Your weaving is beautiful. My daughter is a weaver also and teaches weaving and would you believe that I never even tried to weave.
    Looking forward to seeing your finish mystery fellows.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Great that your daughter is a weaver. You will have to show us some of her work. Would love to see it!
      Thanks for the kind comments. I needed to hear them. I've been so tired and frustrated lately.

  2. We tried to keep ahead of weeds but the weather was so crazy and then wet for so long we couldn't get to them...they became so tall it took nothing to see them and to pull them (that was the only good thing I can say about them ! )
    Your wool creation looks mighty interesting - can't wait for the reveal.