Saturday, June 1, 2013

Burning The Midnight Oil

This was my two pieces in the TRAC exhibit for participating tour studios. 
Yes, I said was. 
Mr. C sold yesterday and now I am scrambling to finish his replacement.
 Normally pieces are kept in the exhibit until the end but the gentlemen
 was buying it for his wife's birthday. 

Thankfully I had the wool dyed and at least sketched in my head, Mr. Robin Redbreast. 
I had to drop what I was working on and work on that instead.
I am certainly down to the wire on getting ready for the upcoming studio tour.
Sorry I have not had time to update the blog on what I have been making 
or even have time to read others blogs.

I will be showing finished pieces soon and the studio (that is if I ever get it cleaned up).
My help is not arriving until next Thursday, the day before the tour begins.
I will put them to work as soon as they get here!!

Until then - a pot of coffee, turn up the music, forget about the clock and work, work, work!!
Happy weekend to all!!

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  1. A nice exhibit Louise. I'm sure that you'll get it done in time. Congratulations on selling Mr C.