Sunday, September 22, 2013

Welcome Autumn

Our first day of Autumn in the North Carolina mountains,
 dawned clear and sunny with a full moon over Mt. Celo.

I have finished my fall decorations. 
An early first for me, usually it is mid October.
I just couldn't wait this year. 
I am so anxious for the leaves to start to turn, 
for frosty morns with the wood smoke curling from the chimney
 and fresh baked bread in the oven. 

It's my favorite time of year followed by winter.
Yes, you heard that right, I love winter! 
It makes a difference now that I work at home! 
I can now enjoy cold snowy morns instead of worrying
if I will be able to drive on icy, snowy roads.

Here are a few pictures of Autumn at our house. 
I'm rearranging all the pumpkins and kitties in the studio tomorrow 
now that I have our living space done. 

Happy Return to Autumn Everyone!!


  1. Your studio fall decorations are so well displayed. I see why you like this time of year.
    I'm not very fond of winter as I fell on the ice and hurt my shoulder very badly and it took almost two years to heal.
    We are having rain again today. I could do with some sunny weather and blue skies.

    Have a great week.

  2. You have such pretty photos Louise!
    I hope you have a wonderful first week of Autumn.
    This is my favorite season.
    I love winter too, but do not like icy roads or sickness that so often come.
    I just try and enjoy the best each season has to offer.
    I will not miss the humidity and mosquitoes of summer though!

  3. The decorations look great and we had that full moon too! ;-) I'm very intrigued by the idea of arranging kitties in the studio. My kitties simply refuse to be arranged . . .

  4. Catching up on posts I've missed. You have certainly been busy. Your home and flowers are so lovely.
    I am fond of crocks too and you got a bargain on the butter churn. I too am looking forward to winter.
    Now that I'm retired, it can snow all it wants and I will enjoy it though the window! Thank you for your very kind words concerning the loss of my mother.