Thursday, October 31, 2013

Meet Luna

In between fussing with the AVL and warping a couple of other looms for rugs and dishtowels,
 I have been working on a Luna moth.

On a Sunday morn this past June, while sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and working the crossword puzzle from the Sunday paper, I looked up and saw this on our screen door!

I have always heard it is good luck to see a Luna Moth.

The next day there were two!

I knew then I wanted to make a Luna moth, so I bought an encyclopedia of Moths and Butterflies to study while planning this one. 

It takes time for me to work out in my mind how to make a new piece like this before it gets to paper and then finally to the construction phase. 

I usually have several new sculptures in my head, but I know when the time is right to make each one. At times they just happen, but others, like this one, take some thought. 
I really wanted to finish Luna for the upcoming TRAC tour participant’s exhibition. 

 That is where he is headed next week along with a woven hanging. 

Made with my hand dyed wool fabric, hand embroidery, wrapped wire and mohair body,
 Luna has been inspiring to create.
I have a feeling more moths are going to appear in the future!

Happy Halloween!
Wishing you a safe and fun filled day!


  1. Louise, that is just beautiful, and very life like!

  2. Hi Louise,
    Absolutely beautiful and looks so real!!! Wonderful job!!
    Have a Happy Halloween!!
    Boo Blessings~

  3. I love how it looks so real! The detail is amazing. You did a wonderful job!!

  4. Wow, how beautiful... What a great job and I'm sure a lot of work and planning goes in making such a nice sculptured piece. I hope that your Halloween has been fun and that you have a lovely weekend.