Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Night Wing Rider

Night Wing
 with a little hitch hiking mouse! 

The Butterfly wings are hand stitched Shibori wool fabric, dyed in Indigo,  
with a Mohair body, wrapped wire legs
and hand stitched embroidery. 

 Mouse hitch hiker is made from wool fabric 
with wire wrapped paws, and lots of stitching.

 The butterfly is based on the common blue butterfly,
 which uses its darker underwings to protect itself from harm 
and the bright blue to attract a mate.

The little mouse even has a scarf made from 
my hand dyed fabric to keep him warm on his night ride.

I've been working on this one for a while 
and I am so happy with how he turned out. 
Pog is still working on a better base for him 
and then he will be ready to fly to wherever he may desire to go on a night ride.


  1. Precious. I really like the way you attached the limbs and tail, stitching on the outside is a great idea and gives a nice look.

  2. Louise, what a great job you did on your Night Wing Rider. This is so cute but so much work. I'm sure it will be flying soon...
    Hugs, JB

  3. WOW! It is amazing. You did a wonderful job! I love all the detail that makes it look so real.

  4. Oh how beautiful! The colors of the butterfly are very striking and the wee mouse is darling!
    Happy spring!

  5. Talk about flights of fancy! That is an amazing piece of work. Fairy tale worthy for certain.

  6. Now how sweet is this!!! Lovely craftsmanship...

  7. your pieces are wonderful Louise!