Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wooly White Pumpkins

I finished some wooly white pumpkins I have been working on today.
The large one has a real pumpkin stem, saved from last years Jack O Lantern.
 I am still into that four sided thing. 
There is a leaf and star showing but there is a black bird 
and another leaf on the other sections.

The little pillow is a wool pumpkin stitched onto vintage ticking fabric. 
The little pumpkins have stick stems and some of my hand spun wool for curly vines.
I can't seem to stop making pumpkins! 
Must be Autumn fever!


  1. Your white pumpkins are so adorable. You have a lot of creative juices running through your veins. A great decorative combination. I love that photo, so well planned.
    Have a creative week and keep them coming.

  2. Oh, squeeeewwwww! Just love them!

  3. You must really, really love autumn--I can relate! These look great!