Sunday, November 2, 2014


 We did not get the predicted 5 inches 
but we did get around an inch with snow and leaves blowing
most of the day yesterday.
It's 29 degrees this morn with a very cold wind! 
This is a big change from being in the 60's and 70's just a few days ago!

Mount Celo

Mount Mitchell
This is the view this morn from our house.
Looks like a good day to work in the studio with a cup of hot cocoa.

I don't think Sadie wants to stay in the studio with me.
She is lying by the wood stove!
First she bakes one side then the other. 
She is a smart kitty!
I may have to work a while and then join her! 


  1. Sadie is a smart kitty. It's cold and miserable wet today. We're having rain, freezing rain, snow flakes, hail and cold wind in the weather bag.
    Not a pleasant day at all. I hope all the wild animals and poor neglected pets have found a safe place to keep dry.

    Stay safe and warm.

  2. Even an inch is so wrong!!!
    Sadie has the right idea. My kind of woman.
    Hugs :)

  3. It is beautiful, but I'm not ready for cold weather. I love fall and want it to last a while!

  4. Hi Louise,
    Your mountains are beautiful but it does look a bit nippy!! We actually hit 48 this am.....cold for us here! It will get back up to the high 80's again later this week!!
    Sadie looks so comfy there and it sounds like the perfect idea to me!
    Warm Hugs~

  5. No snow but tons of rain. And it's cold! I'm in front of the heater (like Sadie)

  6. LOL cats are something else aren't they/ What a beautiful view. I can hardly wait until I see some of the white stuff gracing our little mountain realm.

  7. Our cats do the same thing--I have to remind them to turn over once in awhile, so they get evenly baked on both sides!