Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Day of 2014

Time is speeding up and flying by at an alarming rate! 
It is hard to believe this is the last day of 2014. 
This has been a year filled with lots of hard work and a few worries, 
but overall it has been a very good year. 
The studio has stayed busy with lots of visitors and good sales. 
I’ve been thinking a lot about where to go from here. 
Whether to keep making what sells or 
take a chance on making what my instincts are telling me to do.
 It will probably be a combination of both in the coming year.
 I feel so very grateful to be able to just keep making things!

There are no New Year’s Resolutions 
just changes that Pog and I are committed to such as
healthy eating and continued walking.
Both of which makes us feel better and continues to let us keep active.

The Christmas decorations are still up and will stay up until this weekend.
 This is the week I enjoy so much because it is a quieter time, 
and we can relax and enjoy.

My new bottle tree. The only one I found!

This is also the week that I get to make some things just for my house and me. 
That is - until I mashed my thimble finger when the top lid of the wood stove dropped on it!
 Oh my goodness did that hurt! 
Thankfully it was not broken or burned - just blue and swollen, but it will heal soon. 
 The thimble will be back on and then I’ll be able to get back to work on projects that I need to finish and some I want to begin.

What I was working on before finger mishap.

In the meantime I received a stack of new jigsaw puzzles for Christmas.

I love them and this is the only time during the year I get to work on them. 
So let it rain or snow or be cold, Sadie is by the wood stove, and
 I’ll be at the kitchen table working puzzles with the music turned up. 
Pog is making snack food for the weekend so we will all be cozy
 and contented the first part of this New Year.

I want to thank each of you who read and follow the blog, 
and take time to make wonderful comments! 
The encouragement and friendship you offer is important to me 
and I appreciate it so much!

Happy New Year!
Wishing each of you a blessed New Years!

Pog, Louise and Sadie


  1. Ouch, dogged fingers never feel good. In some ways they are more painful than a break. But speedy healing to you and wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015 to you Louise, and Pog and Sadie.
    Enjoy those snacks! :)

  2. Very pretty bottle brush tree, plus a nicely carved the little log cabin, I can almost see smoke rising from the chimney. I took a simple slip on the stairs and jammed a couple of fingers on my right hand. Naturally, the ones that suffer with arthritis. Several joints so swollen, I can't move them. Must be going around! Enjoy your free time & I look forward to spending another year enjoying your posts!

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours. I, too, work on puzzles during the winter months! It's a nice break from all my other tasks. I've enjoyed following your blog and look forward to seeing the wonderful projects you complete.

  4. So sorry about your mishap. I hope the pain subsides quickly.
    I'm like you. This is the time I finally get to enjoy the Season. My decorations will come done in due time. Thankfully they come down more quickly than they go up.
    Happy New Year!!!
    Hugs :)

  5. Hello, Nice to meet you. It has been so long since I put together a puzzle, I used to love that pastime. I have puzzles I have designed and have never even pieced THOSE together! What a literal pain to mash a finger needed for working, heal soon, and in the meantime, enjoy that woodstove and your puzzles.

    1. Hi Jeri! Nice to meet you too! Hope you come back to visit!

  6. Ouch!! It's bad when a crafter hurts a digit :). Hurry up and heal and get back to that project - it looks beautiful.