Saturday, February 7, 2015

Trick or Treat?

Who says a hare can’t go trick or treating?

Especially if he gets carrots in his pumpkin bucket!

While I was working on Tweed I kept thinking of a memory I had of my daughter at 
Halloween when she was around 9 or 10. 
 I made a rabbit costume by using a white sheet to make her
 a sack like dress, and a mask for her face. 
It was a great face with pink and white felt stitched on the white
 with big ears and whiskers, but the ears were so floppy! 
I didn’t know then what to do to make them stand up
 so she spent the whole night holding up her ears 
while carrying a pumpkin bucket and treating for candy. 

Trickster doesn’t have to hold up his ears 
and he not only has carrots in his pumpkin bucket 
but a carrot necklace too! 
He is entirely made with my hand dyed wool fabric and a mohair tail. 

He was great fun to make while remembering my little girl who is all grown up now.

I know this won’t make up for your night of ear holding misery Jess, 
but maybe you will get a laugh out of Trickster!


  1. And along with being great fun he is QUITE handsome! What a beautiful and sentimental piece of art. Bravo!

  2. He's wonderful, what a great memory!

  3. He's is so great! I love the story with him :)

  4. Sweet! He's an adorable Halloween hare. Love those carrots.

  5. Wow! Such attention to detail, Trickster is quite wonderful! Cute story about your daughter. She probably didn't think so at the time tho! Lori

  6. Trickster is adorable! Great story.
    Hugs :)

  7. Aww, what a great Mom story! And a great new bunny so the memory will live on

  8. Thank you for the story. It makes the rabbit more special. He is cute and Halloween is my favorite holiday!