Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pocket Doll

What’s old is new again, or so it seems.
Pocket roll-ups, make do’s, pin keeps and tomato pin cushions.
They are old ideas but new again for collectors of primitives; but have you seen a “pocket doll”?

Over 30 years ago I met an older lady who was a doll maker. She used to make and sell Raggedy Ann’s and Andy’s and lots of other types of dolls. She would make piles of dolls, which fascinated me. She taught me a lot about making dolls: like the basics of stuffing a doll smoothly and hair making.

She always had a “pocket doll” hanging above her treadle sewing machine. The pocket was used for storing patterns and the face was used as a pincushion! It turns out it had belonged to my great-grandmother. I drew off a pattern of the doll and have made a few for family members but not for over 20 years.

I suddenly remembered the doll and decided to make an updated version. She can hang over your sewing machine, on a peg rack or even in your kitchen.

Pocket Doll

Here she is hanging on one of my peg racks.

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