Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Hutch

Do you have a favorite cabinet, mantel, or a place in your house that you like to change with the seasons? Mine is the “Hutch.”

Our main living area is one big room: kitchen, dining and living all together, so the hutch is a focal point in the room. I usually change displays at Christmas, Easter, and with Fall being my favorite.

Right now the hutch has an arrangement of firkins, baskets, pottery, old utensils in a crock and a couple of wood bowls.  The little stone fireplace has some of my favorite smalls on it and has two woodsmen along side. The woodsmen I made. Their bodies are wood branches with carved and sculpted faces and beards of wool.  Their coats are from very old quilt scraps, and the packs on their backs are made from my handspun and hand woven wool fabric.  

The ball sitting on the metal plate is sometimes called a clutch ball or puzzle ball. They are great for bowl fillers or can even be used as a pincushion. I made this one from my grandmother’s velvet skirt and some of her buttons.

The crocks below the hutch are old and from my family. The large brown one was my grandmother’s molasses crock!

Enjoy the pictures of the different seasons of the “Hutch.”


February 2012

The Woodsmen

Clutch Ball

Oh So Blue!



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