Saturday, September 1, 2012

Christmas Came Early

Something I have wanted for a very long time, showed up in the middle of the night recently. My son-in-law found a horse drawn wagon for me and then he and a friend delivered it!

I will have to do some research on it, but we think it is a farm wagon from the 1800’s. The older gentleman he bought it from lives in the Chinquapin area of NC. He had bought it from an auction and didn’t know any of its history. The wheels are in good shape but the bed needs some work. It has the tongue and single trees with it, but if there was ever a seat it is now missing.

 Pog is planning to build a cover for it that looks like a covered bridge. That will be a lot of fun to decorate for Autumn and Christmas.

I have the greatest son-in-law in the world!



  1. What a wonderful surprise!!! The shop where I work has an antique sleigh that I decorate and it sits right inside the door!! It is so much fun to decorate and everyone loves it! This will be so much fun for you too, and I agree that you have one amazing son in law!! Can't wait to see some pictures!!
    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks too for your sweet comments on my blog!!
    Warm Blessings~~

  2. what fun!!....I love it, it will be great to decorate

  3. It will be a lot of fun to fill with hay and pumpkins! I will have to make a big scare crow to "drive" the wagon.