Friday, September 21, 2012

Days of the Pioneer Show


This weekend Pog and I went to Jill Peterson’s Days of the Pioneer Antique Show, which was held at the Museum of Appalachia in Clinton, TN. The museum is one of my favorite places! Each time I have been there I have such a wonderful feeling. I truly love this place and to attend an antique show on the grounds was delightful. There were so many early American and Colonial antiques, really too much to take it all in.  Wooden bowls, dough boards, firkins, bee skeps, cabinets, shelves, quilts, coverlets and early textiles, and the list could go on and on. We managed to bring home a couple of nice pieces but I didn’t have a boat-load of money to spend so I had to leave a lot behind!!
Enjoy the pictures of the show and our finds!

Herb Dryer
Chicken Ladder

 Tobacco Stick Fences

President and Mrs Lincoln

This is a warping mill

General Lee and President Lincoln
A cabin built from tobacco sticks

Civil War Re-enactors.

Barn loom in one of the museum's cabins.

Cantilever Barn

Lots of old time music

Cowboy Cobbler

Largest pot of soup-beans I have ever seen.

50 gallon crock!
Our new treasures we brought home.

Yoke for carrying water in original blue from Missouri.

Wooden money drawer.

This is a large grain storage barrel from Staunton, VA area. The age is estimated to be around late 1800,s. It has been cleaned up but I loved how sturdy it was and the look of the wood.
Hope you had a great weekend too. 


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time!!!! I've always wanted to go there. Hopefully one of these days...

  2. I had a great time both at the museum and seeing all the antiques. I hope one day you can go to the museum. It is an amazing place!

  3. What a wonderful show. I'm sure you had great time. Happy to have found your blog, thanks for stopping by and joining my blog! I look forward to looking thru all your posts.

    1. Welcome Sherri! I am glad I found your blog too! It is really great.