Thursday, March 21, 2013

30 Years In The Making

At the end of last September, I started piecing a quilt top, which was made up of squares my grandmother had cut out the year before she died, almost 29 years ago.  Those squares stayed in the shoebox my Aunt gave me a long time ago, before I started sewing them into nine patch blocks. Then the blocks stayed around a while before finally being sewn into a top, stretched, basted and readied for quilting. 

I have been quilting on it off and on since then. At times I got tired of it and then other times could not put it down, especially on cold snowy days.

I must say that I am glad it is finished at last. I don’t know whether my Grandmother ever thought that the blocks she cut would someday become a quilt, but I think she would be very pleased. There are a lot of memories in this quilt. Some of the fabrics I remember, such as her kitchen curtains, her dresses and from other family members. Even a piece from my great-grandmother is in the quilt. I hand quilted it in my mother’s quilting hoop. It’s the first quilt in the hoop since my mother died and had used it for her last quilt. 
That added even more family memories.
 I realized that I have no picture of my mother quilting, just mental pictures of her sitting with her quilt propped up on the kitchen table, with Dad close by in his rocker watching her. How I wish I had a photo of that.  

This is the first full sized quilt I have ever made. 
I learned that it is a lot harder work than the small doll quilts I have always made! There are a couple of full-sized, new quilts planned for later on; but for now I’m taking a break from quilting. I am back to weaving and making some new dolls.

19 degrees with a little snow this morn.
Happy Spring Everyone!


  1. I love this quilt. The different fabrics really tell a story, that to you is so full of memories. I have a couple of those my mother made. That's what a proper quilt should do. My mother never wasted a scrap of fabric nor buttons. All the fabulously constructed quilts today with coordinated fabrics and fancy machine quilting don't hold a candle to this type of quilt. I enjoyed looking up close to peek at the different fabrics, they tell a story of time too. Your quilting is beautiful, fabulous stitches, looks like you used blue?
    I am ready to start hand quilting a doll nine patch, now that I am done with the silly eggs, and you have given me an idea. The squares are so tiny......we shall see.

    1. I did use navy blue in the quilting and the binding too. There are a lot of beautiful quilts being made but I still love this kind the best. Thank you for your lovely comments!

  2. Your grandmother's quilt is beautiful and really compliment that bed.
    You did a great job.
    Have a great day.

  3. That is my favorite kind of quilt. The kind that has family memories all sewn up in it. I have several of my grandmother's quilts. They are fraying and worn but I will never part with them.

  4. WOW! it is beautiful.....and what a meaningful tribute to your Grandmother and Mother.....a real family heirloom and a treasure to be sure!! You did such a wonderful job making those pieces into the quilt they always wanted to be....I love it

    1. Thank you Tim. That means so much coming from you!

  5. most of my "grandma memories" are of her sewing. My own mothers quilting obsession started because of quilt blocks packed away in a chest for 20 years. my grandma had also made them before her death.just like your quilt squares,our painful yet precious blocks also contained identifiable fabrics from clothing worn by family.what a legacy those thrifty creative women left us. thank you for your insightful words and pictures of your beautiful quilt :)

  6. It is such a beautiful quilt! The best quilts are the ones with a story.

  7. Oh, what a wonderful quilt! I am sure mom and grandma are smiling down on you!
    No spring in northern Ohio, either. Cold and dreary. I sure hope we don't go from winter to summer!
    Hugs :)

  8. What a wonderful story this beautiful quilt tells! Three generations had a hand in it, and many more will enjoy it. Well done!