Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Memories

One of my self sitter rabbits with my two grandmothers butter molds.

Memories of when I was a child on Easter include lots of family, a huge dinner and a warm sunny day to hide dyed eggs. My Grandma McKinney used to raise ducks for feathers, but on Easter the duck egg became the lucky egg. I never found the lucky egg. Seems like my cousin always found it, and she never shared her prize of a chocolate bunny! We never received baskets of candy or other goodies. We were just content to have a big family gathering with a special Easter cake. I still remember the chatter of family and all the laughter.

Very quiet for Pog and me this Easter Sunday. No kids this year to visit, and we both have colds. We woke up to rain, fog and cloud this morn. We will still enjoy our day together with food we fixed yesterday and maybe a movie this afternoon. Holidays are much different now with my parents gone and family so far away.
Wishing each and every one of you a blessed Easter and Passover.

PS: I did figure out what happened to my blog yesterday, but I was really frustrated for a while.


  1. Hi Loiuse,
    Wishing you a most joyous day, in spite of having a cold! So sorry you never found the lucky egg, but now you have 4 new ones!! I do think a chocolate bunny is in order!!
    Easter Blessings and Hugs~~

  2. Hi Louise, I'm glad that you figured the problem with Blogger.
    It's nice to remember old traditions from childhood. We didn't have much either but there was always a few good cakes for Easter that my mom made and a big meal. We didn't missed what we didn't had either.

    Family makes Holidays more special.
    Take care

  3. My day has been good, we have had some rain too though. I hope your colds clear up and the rest of the week is better. I really like your bunny! Great memories too!

  4. happy easter to you and get well soon :)