Monday, May 26, 2014

Almost There

The studio tour is fast approaching and I am still weaving.

Table runners and dish towels are on the “need to hem/tag list” 

and I have another rug warp and  more dishtowels on a couple of looms.
 I will not have time to finish the last two warps but will work on them in between getting some smalls stitched up. 
It is almost time to wind down and start cleaning the studio.

Recently I had a question about weaving dishtowels.
Hand woven dishtowels are sturdy and long lasting. 
They are great samplers for weave structures, color studies and different fibers. 
I am not a good sampler so dishtowels let me explore and still end up with a good product. 
Since I was trained as a production weaver there are times when I like to throw the shuttle and an 8-yard warp can weave up quickly if the treadle sequence is simple. 
Besides all of that, they are fun to weave and make  
a beautiful accent for the kitchen while being serviceable. 
Hopefully that answers the question of why to weave dishtowels!

I am sorry that I have not taken the time for photos of the ongoing work 
and have not posted on the blog much lately.
 I took a short break over Easter to visit my son in Charleston 
and I have been weeding my flowerbeds but other wise I have been in the studio
 weaving as much as possible. 
There is so much work to do but I am almost there! 



  1. Wow, you certainly have been busy and those dishtowels are just beautiful. A 8 yard wrap... that's a long wrap. Staying ahead of the weeds is another big job. Have a great summer.

    1. Actually I consider 8 yards a short warp. Usually I put on 12 to 15 yards but back when I was doing a lot of production it was 20 to 25 yard warps. That was a lot to me!

  2. Everything is looking great! I really like the dish towel pattern and colors. I've enjoyed my blue and white dish towel that I got last year. I look forward to getting another at the tour.

  3. Thanks! Glad you like your towel and I am looking forward to seeing you at this years tour!!

  4. hope the work goes well and just in time for the studio tour, you always have amazing photos of your work! 20 to 25?!!!!

    1. Thanks Annie! I was much younger and could weave 20 to 25 yards in one week. I can't do that now.