Sunday, March 8, 2015

Little Happy Jack

My seasons seem to be as confused as Mother Nature can be at times.
I know it is soon to be Spring but I have made a pumpkin! 

I am still working on reducing and reworking some of my older patterns. 
This pumpkin is a 60% reduction from my original Happy Jack,
 and I like this smaller size much better.
Little Happy Jack is 13 inches tall from the tip of his wooly toes
 to the top of his stovepipe hat. 
He is made with some of my favorite two-sided orange wool from Heavens to Betsy. 
 This smaller guy sits very nicely on a small bench or a shelf.
He has now joined the mice, rabbits and birdhouse 
where I can enjoy seeing my collection grow.


  1. Cute & a good size for a shelf or table.

  2. I love Little Happy Jack. He's going to win the hearts of everyone. Love, love your creations.
    Hope your temperatures are rising and that you're getting some signs of Spring on the way.

  3. He is great Louise - must be something in the North Carolina Mountains because I'm still making Halloween stuff too. LOL

  4. Halloween is my favorite holiday! So your pumpkin is right up my alley. So adorable.

  5. Anytime is pumpkin time.
    The little mice below reminded me of a nature program I watched. There was a row on teeny shrews walking the forest floor, each baby had a tail in his mouth as they skittered over the ground, one behind the other.