Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rugs and Mugs

In between stitching new critters I have been weaving.

Three new Cabin Rugs

and 10 sets of mug rugs.

I sell these in sets of four and they are always best sellers 
at the studio tours. 
 I have 7 more sets of mug rugs in lighter colors to hem. 

I have been waiting on an order for bird eyes for over 3 weeks! 
My first order was lost in the mail and had to be replaced.
 I have a new bird house stitched but can't finish it till the eyes arrive.
So while waiting on the mail I've been weaving.
More rugs are on the loom and will be off soon. 

Hopefully the mail will bring my package soon and Spring is almost here! 
I am not a very patient person so I will feel better when both arrive! 



  1. Gorgeous colors in the cabin rugs and mug rugs. We are having some signs of spring here...YEA!

  2. Hi Louise,
    I agree with Shari, those rugs are beautiful!!
    Happy for signs of spring and hope your mail arrives soon!
    Warm Spring Hugs~

  3. I love the Cabin rugs and the mug rugs. At least you're very productive while you wait for the eyes to arrive. I hope that the eyes arrives soon. I've lost hope in Spring. We're having two snow storms back to back and lots of drifting. The wind is howling over the river and is very loud tonight and Spring is supposed to be 1 day and 23 hours away. sigh.

    1. Don't give up hope Julia. Spring will be all the sweeter for you when it does arrive!