Saturday, May 23, 2015

Blackberry Winter


It was cool enough this morning that a small fire in the wood stove
 was needed to take the chill off in the house. 
This is sleeping weather, cool and no humidity,
 but there has been little time for sleeping. 

Sadie is the only one who gets to snooze the day away!
There are a lot of changes going on in our household.
 We have been doing some major downsizing
 beginning with Pog’s 40 year stash in the basement. 
 There are finally some empty spaces starting to show up
 but we still have lots more to do. 

My studio downsizing sale helped in easing the load in my space.
 Some nice things found good homes but still haven’t sold the Cranbrook. 
I drastically reduced the price but still no takers as of yet. 
 It is a beautiful loom that needs a good home!

I have not been able to weave and sew as much as I need to. 
The Toe River Studio Tour is coming up soon
 and I have a few more dishtowels to weave 
and lots of hemming/tagging that needs to be done.
 As usual it will be up to the last minute. 

Stack of rugs to tag

Towels and table runners to hem

After the tour is over I will be taking a break from the studio 
while we are getting the house ready to put on the market. 
Pog and I have been making some life changing decisions.
A process that has kept me up for too many nights. 
Change is never easy  and it is scary especially 
when you are going into the unknown 
and way out of your comfort zone. 
Time will tell if we are making the right choices 
but I am going on faith that it will all work out in the long run.

Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day weekend!


  1. We have an old saying here in the Ozarks, blackberry squall, but I'd never heard of blackberry winter. Sounds like you are headed for an adventure in your future! We downsized 17 years ago, when we moved back to southern Missouri. Scary, but the best thing we ever did! Best of luck to you and Pog.

    1. And I have never heard of blackberry squall. Our adventure is hopefully going to turn out for the best. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I needed to hear them!

  2. Good luck on your new adventure. Change is hard, but I find when I've made some of those major decisions, what a wonder life turned out to be. Nothing stays the same, so I am enjoying what I have now, knowing as I age or become frail, I will be "off on another of life's adventure". Hope your weekend is fun. Mine is wet!

    1. Sorry you are having a wet holiday Miss Cindy. It is beautiful cool weather here this weekend. You are right - nothing stays the same forever.

  3. Wow--it sounds like big changes for you! I like your attitude, believing it'll all come out well. I suspect that means it WILL! Sadie has the right (c)attitude, too!

  4. Hi Louise,
    Change can indeed be hard and scary, but if you are both in agreement, feel led, and have peace about your decision, then you just move forward and trust God for the future!! I have been there many times in my life and each time it has been a new blessing and beginning!! May you find that to be true as well!! The future is a like a blank page of a new book.........ready for a new story!!!
    I know it will be a good one!!!
    Warm Hugs to you~

    1. Thanks Julie, I needed to hear that. I know that if we are on the path God intends for us then it will all work out. I am looking forward to some of our coming changes and at the same time letting go is hard.