Thursday, March 26, 2015

More Rugs!

Six rugs just came off of the loom today and they are all patriotic colors.

This photo shows them after they came off of the loom. 
Do you see glowing cat eyes at the top of the rugs?  

Inspector Sadie has added her stamp of approval!

When I order the selvage used to make my Cabin Rugs there is no choice of colors.
 I usually get darker colors and sometimes pastels.
I was very happy with the last order because it had red, white and blues,
 which I usually do not get especially the blues.
All of them were saved till I could make this warp. 

Ready to cut apart and serge the ends.

Ready to hand hem.

Five of the rugs are from selvage till I ran out 
and then I finished the last one with denim.

There are two that I would really like to keep but cannot.
They will be for sell here at the studio or if they last that long at the June studio tour.  

After hemming the rugs then I will be back to stitching/finishing birds and a new rabbit.
I finally got my order of bird eyes! 
I have to find a more reliable source for them. 

 My daffodils are beautiful and our weeping cherry tree is about to bloom. 
Unfortunately it is supposed to be below freezing and some snow flurries this weekend. 
I hope it doesn't kill all of our beautiful blooms.  
After anxiously waiting for Spring to begin
 I will feel so sad to see our first blooms frozen! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Green Man

Green Man,
 a symbol of rebirth representing the cycle of growth each Spring.

In honor of the first day of Spring 2015,
 I made my version of green man.

Happy First Day of Spring!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rugs and Mugs

In between stitching new critters I have been weaving.

Three new Cabin Rugs

and 10 sets of mug rugs.

I sell these in sets of four and they are always best sellers 
at the studio tours. 
 I have 7 more sets of mug rugs in lighter colors to hem. 

I have been waiting on an order for bird eyes for over 3 weeks! 
My first order was lost in the mail and had to be replaced.
 I have a new bird house stitched but can't finish it till the eyes arrive.
So while waiting on the mail I've been weaving.
More rugs are on the loom and will be off soon. 

Hopefully the mail will bring my package soon and Spring is almost here! 
I am not a very patient person so I will feel better when both arrive! 


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Little Happy Jack

My seasons seem to be as confused as Mother Nature can be at times.
I know it is soon to be Spring but I have made a pumpkin! 

I am still working on reducing and reworking some of my older patterns. 
This pumpkin is a 60% reduction from my original Happy Jack,
 and I like this smaller size much better.
Little Happy Jack is 13 inches tall from the tip of his wooly toes
 to the top of his stovepipe hat. 
He is made with some of my favorite two-sided orange wool from Heavens to Betsy. 
 This smaller guy sits very nicely on a small bench or a shelf.
He has now joined the mice, rabbits and birdhouse 
where I can enjoy seeing my collection grow.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Not one mouse but three mice! 

Two little ones and a bigger one.
I don’t like the real kind, but these guys are
kinda cute with their curled tails, big ears and whiskers.

I hope their long wooly scarves are keeping them warm
 in this yucky weather we are having today!