Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day Late and a Dollar Short

 I am two days late in wishing everyone a Happy July 4th. 
and I am always a dollar short!
A few of my woolly flags that I love to make were my only patriotic decoration. 

You would not believe what a mess my house is in unless you have lived thru a renovation. 
It's better not to live in a house you are working on but we have no choice. 
A good attitude and a sense of adventure are necessary! 

New flooring is going down on all of the upstairs rooms. 
Our flooring guy is doing an awesome job putting down this red oak.

Poor Sadie is definitely not happy with all of the noise. 
I made her a nest so she can hide and feel safe. 
She is so buried under the blankets I couldn't even get a pic of her!
The only time she comes out now is at night when it is finally quite. 
Actually now that I think about it she might have the right idea 
and I need to join her! 

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!