Friday, January 31, 2014

Carolina Snow

Our first true snow came this week with cold temps but 
we did not get the icing over so many others in the south got. 

My daughter lives in the “flat” eastern part of NC. 
They got ice and then about three inches of snow. 
It is very unusual for them to get that much snow and for it to stay around a couple of days. 
I don’t mind the snow but could do without the below zero temps. 
I am sure everyone is going to have a serious case of spring fever this year!

I spent my “snow day” in the studio weaving purple rugs and slowly stitching on wings. 

 Hope you spent this terrible weather week warm and somewhere safe.
 A few of us lucky souls spent our days keeping the home fires going, soup on the stove, weaving/stitching and in a cozy nest.

On this last day of January 2014 time is moving on 
and even though it doesn’t seem like it now, warmer weather is on its way.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

January Blahs

It is, put another blanket on the bed and throw another log on the fire, type of weather.
 We have had the negative 2 or 4-degree weather but not much snow with only a couple of inches this week. It was zero this morn and I am not sure what the wind chill was. 
The mountains have that cold blue color with ice/snow frozen on top. 

My grandma’s old saying about one snow waiting on another one will probably hold true.
I have the January blahs knowing there are more cold days ahead
and spring is still far away. 
I love snow but I like the big fluffy silent kind especially the ones that come in late winter/early spring, which only stay around for a couple of days. 
I don’t like this below zero frozen weather.

I’ve been reading others blogs and it seems everyone is working madly on one project or another, everything from redoing the bathroom, to making beautiful Valentines. 
I haven’t been that productive but I have finished up a few left overs which were on the worktable. My messy worktable corner of the studio was irritating me so I cleaned and rearranged, which made me feel better.

This was my Christmas gift from my daughter. 
She wrapped two wonderful new books in fabric! 

The books will be used researching my future bird/moth and
 bug projects planned for this year. 

I used some of the fabric she gave me to make a small nine patch for next holiday season.
I have it quilted and will finish binding it today.

Some of the finish "left overs" from before Christmas.

There is a new butterfly on the worktable.
I’ll only give a hint of the stitching and indigo dyed wool used on the wings.

 I really don’t know if this one will work out, so I’m hesitant to show all of it.
 It was started back in December and I am just now getting back to it.
I heard someone say recently, that showing work in progress can be
like running down the street naked!
That is the way I feel when starting a new piece.
I need to hold the inspiration close to me until I am happy and feel I can show others.
I do love to see worktables and studios with their projects in progress on others blogs. I don't show mine much because I usually have a messy space.

I spent most of yesterday in the kitchen.
I baked an applesauce cake and made a large pot of Minestrone soup and cornbread, so today Sadie and I can spend the day by the wood stove stitching butterfly wings and dreaming of a big fluffy snow
and maybe even a little bit of the Spring that will come in due time.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend and keeping warm!