Saturday, October 13, 2012

Good Things Come In The Mail

I love to get mail. I am still one of those people who love real magazines, books, cards and letters. I never get a letter anymore. When my Mom was alive and I first moved away from home, almost every week I got a newsy letter from her. I still have all of them, treasured for her handwriting and the memories it brings back. Gradually we stopped sending letters to each other and then it was phone calls. Now it is mostly emails, but our family still sends cards.

I like email and modern technology but only to a certain point. To see a friend or family member’s handwriting on the envelope and card, means they took the time to make/pick out a card, look up your address, sign their name and give thought to a message for me.

 The Nooks and Kindles are great but to me there is nothing to compare than cozying up with a cup of tea, feel a book in my hands, turning the pages and sometimes dogearing a passage. My bookmark is one that Mom gave me and every time it marks where I left off, I think of her. Asheville has a great used bookstore called Mr. K’s. It is one of my favorite places.

I have tons of magazines from the 70’s to the present. I go through them over and over whenever new ideas or inspiration needs a spark. I especially love the old 
Country Livings and Country Homes.

Today was a great mail day! Wool, fabric, books and new magazines, were stuffed in our largest size of mailbox Lowes has to offer.

Judy Condon and Jill Peterson's new books and Primitive Quilts great magazine.

The red wool is from Heavens to Betsy and the other three are from Rebecca Erb.

Heritage Prints by Benartex.

This reversible wool from Rebecca Erb is wonderful!

I didn’t plan for them to come all at the same time, but it was a lot of fun
 and made me smile!


  1. Glad to hear there is another magazine person out there. I LOVE my magazines. Have fun with all your goodies.

  2. Looks like Christmas came a bit early! Beautiful wool and wonderful books. Enjoy, Julie.