Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Snow

Brrr... We do not have a lot of snow but very windy and still flurrying.
Some areas around us especially the TN/NC border has quite a bit of snow.
Thankfully we have had no power loss and only one tree to come down in the woods.

It's a good day to be at home with the warmth of the wood stove, a pot of soup bubbling, cornbread in the oven and  weaving rugs!

Still wishing everyone a safe journey thru this storm.


  1. Being from central NC, we had high winds and rain,.. So glad to hear you guys are okay and looking at the blanket of snow in the NC mountains.... Take care, FAye

  2. Snow! I am glad to read you are safe and sound. There is nothing like a wood stove to cuddle up to on these cold, snowy, rainy, wet days. Still no power in my neck of the woods, but no complaints...Happy Halloween, Julie.