Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Year Begins

The New Year is a chance to do good deeds, a chance to forgive and move on, make new friends, and make new memories.
It is time to start with a clean slate, a fresh sheet of paper, new dreams, new hopes and new creations.

Nice to think we can just start over but also sad to see time go so fast. The tree is down and the decorations are all put away. Every room in this house needs tidying up and maybe some rearranging for a fresh look. I will do it gradually because I need to think about how I want to change things around.

My first project for my 12 months of Christmas goal I set for myself will be a cardinal for the top of my bird and basket alpine tree. I keep this tree up all year round, decorating for each season. Sometimes I get tired of it but Pog enjoys the lights.
This was the first time I thought of putting all my bird ornaments on the tree and liked adding what little baskets I have too. 

The treetop went naked this time. So my first project will remedy that. I have a few ideas, one of which is to take my Angel tree topper I make and change the angel head into a cardinal.

Angel Tree Toppers
 I will show you at the end of the month what I come up with.

Before Christmas I started cleaning my three small looms. A couple of them need new aprons, some tightening of bolts/screws and polishing with Howards Feed and Wax. Looms are machines and they do need regular upkeep, which I have not done for a while. When I am done it will be time to warp all the looms with new projects. I have mug rugs, dish towels and new table runners planned.

 It was nice to have a little time off even if I did use most of it cleaning closets but I did get to read some, work a couple of jigsaw puzzles and stitch on my quilt.  Sounds like this New Year is now in full swing and I better get busy!

Hope you are having a good first week of January 2013!


  1. A little change always brings freshness that is satisfying for a while till we tire of it and then it's time for another change.
    Have fun making your changes.

  2. What a sweet little tree! I love the birds and baskets.... No topper? Ha...that's the story of my life. Each year I bring it up, and each year my husband procrastinates putting it on (because he has to attempt to thread a single light through the center of the metal star while standing on a ladder...) And each year, my tree ends up with no star. This year, it went missing....only to show up hanging on the side of our kitchen cupboard. ???? Perhaps I should look into one of your darling angel toppers!! Wishing you a wonderful new year ahead - filled with joys and blessings..... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin