Monday, January 7, 2013


Cough, cough, blow and sneeze. I hate colds. Pog and I both at the same time, that was even worse. Each of us thought we were sicker than the other one and neither of us felt like doing anything. We are improving. Thank goodness!

I did manage to finish up one of my little quilts that I should have done last year. I only did three little hexies but it made a nice small quilted piece. For now it is on my grandmothers dresser. 

Only two more projects to go then I will have finished Kathleen at Sentimental Quilter's little quilt challenge.

I also got started on my cardinal for the treetop. 

Just a hint...
Totally changed my mind when I sat down to draw out what I wanted. That is the way it always goes when making dolls and animals. They seem to have a mind of their own!

Sir Seamus O’Hare has returned from the TRAC exhibition only to find in his absence that
 Mr. Needmore Snow has moved to a new home! 

Needmore went to live in Charlotte where he will still not have enough snow!

Seamus didn’t even get to say goodbye, but he is not to worry, other critters will be coming to live here soon. Soon as I get over this cold that is! LOL

Thanks to everyone for the comments recently. I am thrilled when I have a comment and each one means a lot to me!

Happy Monday!!


  1. Hi Louise, wishing you speedy recovery from the cold. It's no fun at all being sick with a cold.

    We have lots of snow and it's bitter cold here too.

    Your critters are beautiful and I'm sure that they went to good homes and will be taken good care of.

    Take care.

  2. Glad you are both feeling better! The hexie runner looks great on the dresser.