Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rainy Days

What to do on rainy days?

Weave a rug, quilt or sew?

I love rainy days! There is always so much to do that sometimes I don’t know what to work on first. The last few days have been gloomy and rainy, but I love to be in the studio on days like those. I’ve been working on my last two little quilts piecing and getting them ready to quilt.

Rainy days also make me want to bake!
Old fashioned Hershey Chocolate cake just like my Mom used to make!

Yum Yum!


  1. Your quilt is beautiful. I especially love the blue blocks and that cake looks delicious.
    We are having snow here today and the sky is all overcast. Everything looks grey and white. A good day to be inside.

  2. really like that first one!
    I would love to have a piece of your cake too!

  3. Sweet little quilts. Mmmmmmmmmm, I may have to bake a cake!! Yours looks yummy.

  4. Rainy days are the best! I live where the sun shines 362 days a year so I really enjoy a good rainy day.
    Beautiful quilts!

  5. Need to send a slice of cake my way! Quilts look great, I especially like the black and red one.