Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dish Towels

 I’ve been weaving dish towels. 

They are easy to weave and great for experimenting. 
I have a lot of 8/2 cottons, which are not my normal colors and I wanted to use them up. 
Dish towels are a great stash buster. 

These are 8-shaft straight draw, which should have been a pinwheel pattern.
 I don’t see a pinwheel. 
Rechecked tie up and treadling and its correct, but no pinwheel. 
I think it is there, but the two similar yarns in color value blurred the pattern. 

No matter, they turned out nice.

We are having sleet mixed with rain this morn.
 Where oh where is spring?


  1. I like the colors, they sure are different than the norm. great job!

  2. Those are so beautiful. Love that gorgeous color.

  3. How cool that you weave your own dish towels. They look great.

  4. ooohhh the one with the white weft is my favorite :) so pretty!