Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blooms and Bowls

Yellow ware bowls on an old cobbler's shoe rack.

I meant to post pictures of my bowl collection, (per Gayle’s request), last week. but my apologies; time is getting away from me. 

There is so much to do at this time of year!

 I have already made two trips to my favorite green house for plants and with Pog’s help another trip just for potting soil and pots. 

The yard has been mowed for the first time, water hoses have been reconnected, summer furniture is starting to come out of storage and the list goes on. 

We still have flowerbeds to clean out and then to mulch. 

There are lots of crocks and churns too!

All this outside work leaves me little time or energy to work in the studio,

but I do have new dishtowels, with pinwheels, on the Baby Wolf loom! 

Sadie says Hi - she thought it was great fun taking pictures of the bowls.
Wishing everyone a great weekend!


  1. Hi Louise, that's an impressive collection of yellow ware bowls, and the cat's just want to claim that they are his. lol...

    Your creeping phlox are so advanced as compared to mine. They are so beautiful.

    Have a great weekend coming up.

  2. i collect yellow ware bowls as well,but i do not have the flare for displaying them like you do. beautiful collection and beautiful trees :)

  3. Love your beautiful collection of bowls! Thanks for sharing them and the other wonderful pics.Hugs,Jen

  4. Thank you for sharing your collection of yellow ware and other bowls. Spring is a busy time of the year--enjoyable work being outdoors after a long winter and late spring

  5. Be still my heart! Love, love, LOVE seeing all your bowls Louise - especially those yellow ones with the blue stripes! I actually found a couple at an antique store last week on vacation and put them in my carry on case for the flight home. Your cobblers rack is perfect for displaying them - and it looks like there is room to add more eventually! Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures - I sure do appreciate your efforts!

  6. Your collection is wonderful. Every time I see bowls like that it reminds me of my grandmother in an apron mixing something yummy

  7. Louise ~
    What a great collection of bowls!!! Your rack is just perfect for them.
    I LOVE your pincushion collection in your previous post. Thankfully you collected before the craze (and craziness!). I especially love the story about your pincushion that your son "decorated". How special that you never changed it.
    Hugs :)

  8. great collections!, love all those bowls!
    the trees are so pretty too,
    kitty supervision, can't go wrong with that!

  9. Oh my - envy!!!! lol BEAUTIFUL BOWL collection.