Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Last Two Little Quilts

I finally finished  my last two little quilts from Kathleen Tracy of
A Sentimental Quilter, 2012 challenge.

The Turkey Tracks in blue is my favorite.

 I did finish 12 little quilts but I know I am a few months late!
Well better late than never. 

I had this little pumpkin head started so I finished him to go with this little quilt.

Last week we had rain and snow. 
This week 80 degree temps!
What a difference a week makes. 
Spring has finally sprung here in the mountains!


  1. The little quilts are lovely. I love browns and blues together. The pumpkin man is just perfect with the second quilt. Hats off to you for making 12 quilts!!

  2. The little quilts are just darling and the pumpkin head too. You got a lot done. An awful lot of work even though they are small.

    I'm glad that you are finally having spring. It's slowly getting here and I'm gonna stop complaining. Poor Mother Nature is doing her best to give birth to spring. A tough job.


  3. I love both little quilts, the pumpkin head sure is cute!

  4. The pumpkin and last quilt go together so well. Love the color combos!