Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Find

The weather has been beautiful the last few days,
 no rain and cooler.
 Pog and I have been working outside,
cleaning up flower beds, trimming trees and clearing brush.

A feeling of Autumn is in the air. 
I love this time of year!
Cool nights, the sound of the crickets and
 the squirrels busy gathering 
for what may turn out to be a long snowy winter. 
I don't mind but since Pog has to go to work, he does. 

Besides working outside in the yard, 
I have put 26 quarts of oven roasted tomato sauce in the freezer,
 made 4 pints of blackberry jam, made 4 runs of pesto and
 next week I will put corn in the freezer.
It is a lot of work but will be so good this winter! 

Oven roasted tomato sauce.

 Sorry I don't have anything from the studio to show you. 
I haven't worked on much, other than to finish up some UFO's 
and I have started piecing a new quilt. 
I'll show that next time since I could not get the pic's to load.

I can show you my latest find. 
While visiting The Collectors Antique Mall in Asheboro, NC, 
I noticed this crock sitting on the floor.

 The dasher and lid are much older and had been married to this salt glazed churn.
There are no markings on the churn (other than the 2) and it is not antique 
nor does not appear to be factory made. 
It has all the characteristics of being hand made.

The price was 32 dollars. 
It came home with me along with 
an old large key and little gray enamel berry pail!

For now it has joined my other crocks sitting under the hutch.

What do you think? 
Did I get a good deal? 

He is a sweetie!
I am dog sitting my grand doggie Jack for the rest of the week!
He and Sadie don't get along very well 
so we are staying quiet and working in the studio between walks.

Hope you are having a good week so far. 


  1. Hi Louise,
    You have been busy and will certainly enjoy all those homegrown goodies! The sauce looks delicious!!
    Love your new crock and it looks so nice with the other ones!! Great find and great price!
    Sweet doggie too!!
    Warm Hugs~

  2. Lucky you to have some goodies already in the freezer from your home-grown veggies. I'd be tempted to make butter in your new found churn. You have quite a good collection of crocks.


  3. Those tomatoes look wonderful in your oven, bet they will taste fabulous this winter.
    I love the churn, I think you got a terrific deal!

  4. Wow, busy woman! Makes me feel like I should be doing more . . .

  5. oven roasted tomato sauce ~ yum! what a sweetie-pie that Jack is, to be sure!