Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fall Finish

On the first day of summer I have a couple more fall finishes.

Bird with his own tiny pumpkin sitting on a pumpkin pincushion.

A wooly pumpkin with a real pumpkin stem.

This is the last of the fall UFO’s to finish for now.

 Some of my yarn orders are starting to come in


so I will be back to weaving next week.

Happy Summer to all!


  1. Your Fall creations are gorgeous and I love that you used a real pumpkin stem on that pretty little pumpkin. Happy weaving and Happy Summer to you.

  2. Adorable things. Great job on getting those UFO's done! I just ordered a bunch of yarn for weaving myself, but it will have to wait until I get back from visit to MA for the month of July.
    Look out lobsters, here I come. :)

  3. Those are exceptionally cute projects and I can't believe you're so organized as to be thinking about fall already! I hope you'll be posting often about the new weaving projects--I'm trying to get up my nerve to thread heddles for my first "on-my-own" project and would love to see what you're doing!