Thursday, August 20, 2015

Here Kitty Kitty

 My new "Cat" dolls were fun and simple to make 
after spending so much time on Oak Tree.
They are dressed in their Autumn colors and as ready for Fall as I am! 
I may have gotten carried away on their tails and made them a little big
but they are fun. 

A big thank you to each and everyone who made a comment on the Oak Tree. 
All of your comments mean a lot to me! 
 I was not sure what the reaction to the tree would be but so far it has been very positive! 
I've turned in my application and photos 
so I should hear something from the jury by the end of September. 

And to answer Jeri's question about how I could part with the tree - 
I have sold many weavings, sculptures and dolls that I have put my heart and soul into. 
It is very hard to part with them especially since most of my work is one of a kind
 and will never happen the same way again. 
That's part of an artists life. 
You have to sell your work so you can make more. 
I have always heard it said that artist's can't afford their own work 
and have found unfortunately for that to be true. 
For me the joy is in the creating/making of things and being able to do what I love. 


  1. Oh Louise, your Autumn Cats are just adorable and the big tail gives them better balance. I love your answer to Jeri's question. Artists really give a part of themselves in each creation. I hope your Oak Tree wins big.

  2. Louise, Long tails are good things. Very charming felines indeed! I wouldn't mind having such a nicely coordinated Autumn outfit for myself. It is nice to work on something whimsical and a bit simpler after the intensity of a big project. That is how I started making my fiber creatures, I had finally finished illustrating a book after 2 years of serious painting and I needed a break! I know what you mean about not being able to afford our own work, how true that is. Some things are more difficult to part with than others, with the consolation being the knowledge that the object of our affections is going too someone who will love it as much as we do...and pay for it!

  3. Adorable fall kitties. Cinders and I are still talking about your amazing tree!

  4. Hi Louise,
    Your cats are adorable!!! Great job on them!
    I'm pretty partial to cats myself! So happg you
    could work on something easy and fun after that
    amazing tree!! Best of luck to you!! You deserve
    to be entered!
    Have a great week!
    Warm Hugs~

  5. Just perfect for fall! Love, love these sweet critters and the colorful way you dressed them We have a couple of barn kitties that have long, thick tails that I just love to feel of. We call those cats the "Long Tails." Your Oak Tree will get rave reviews!

  6. Your new kitties are sweet. I think their tails are perfect

  7. I missed the tree,
    I am not around home a lot these days.
    But I adore those cats!
    Your work is fabulous!

  8. Such well behaved and handsome kitties. Just purrrrrrrrfect! :-)

  9. Cute kitties! I love their long faces and their clothes are perfect for fall. My fingers are crossed for good luck on your oak tree. Don't keep us in suspense, let us know right away WHEN you get accepted. Cause we know you will be!

  10. I love the cats, I can't wait for fall either!