Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Oak Tree

The Oak Tree sculpture was finished a couple of weeks ago but 
I waited to show it to you after the official photographs were taken. 

Oak Tree

This has been the most labor intensive sculpture that I have made. 
It measures 12" at the oak wood base, 18" wide at the branches and 25" tall. 

Back View
 The tree is made from my hand dyed wool fabric using the Shibori technique 
I showed you last post.
 This type of dyeing gave me the perfect wood grain look. 
The base, branches and roots of the tree have been stitched 
and gathered to emphasize the wood grain patterning. 

Carolina Wren


All of the leaves have been hand stitched and 
made with my hand dyed wool fabric.
         They took the longest to stitch since each individual leaf is wire wrapped.

Owl, Mouse, Bird and Moth were all individually made and then attached to the tree. 

It was a long process with a lot of stitching but
 I am very pleased with how this idea turned out! 
The tree will be entered into a juried art show which is coming up in our area. 
I am hoping it will be accepted especially after all this work!


  1. My jaw just hit the floor! I do not have enough adjectives to express how amazing this is.......

  2. Oh my goodness, Louise!!!! This is just incredible!!!
    You did a fantastic job on this and if it is not
    accepted, it is their loss!!! Truly a work of art!
    Warm Hugs~

  3. OMG, this is fantastic. I'm at a lost for words at this magnificent fabric sculpture. What an amazing achievement for you. It sure is a winner. A true labor of love. Good luck at the juried art show.

  4. Oh my, I kind of lack words also, to express how incredibly wonderful this piece is. I love the wools you have used, and every little critter, too! Without a doubt, it will be accepted into the show!

  5. WOW! What an incredible piece of art. I predict not only will it be accepted, it will receive some top honors too, as well it should. Double WOW!

  6. Amazing work!! Worthy of jaw drops from the jury I'm sure!! Such detail...... Beyond amazing!., saw a few art cars at the show this am and thought of you! Big hug- lurena

  7. What a masterpiece! A magnificent oak...lovely critters...a beautiful creation! Bravo!

  8. I never would have guessed that the tree was wool. The tiniest detail, wow!!! Incredible! There is no doubt in my mind that this is an absolute winner! I would take that moth in a heart beat! Congrats on the hard work, its a beaut!

  9. This is really a masterpiece, I mean it! Love the stitching on the leaves, feathers, the moth,( that moth is great) It is truly worthy of any fine art show, but how can you part with it?!

  10. I love the mighty oak! It is truly an amazing piece!