Tuesday, September 1, 2015

More Cats with Long Tails!

Seems like one set of Cat Dolls was not enough for me. 
 I made two more sets and didn't change their tails! 

I laughed when I read the comments and saw "long tails".
 Yes, it is a fine thing to have a long tail and they do help them sit up so nicely! 

I've really enjoyed and had fun making the cats. 
There is a lot of sewing in them but once 
I got my pattern worked out the clothes went a little faster. 

As much as I have enjoyed them it is back to weaving. 
Rugs will be going on the looms today. 
I am so behind and need to pick up the speed on rugs and runners. 

Happy September Everyone! 


  1. Very cute and who wouldn't love one of those fab felines curled up in their chair. No shedding either!

  2. The cats are purrfect and I love the little chairs too. You are having way too much fun making these. They're just too adorable.

  3. Yes, they are purr-fect and adorable! I love how you have dressed them!

  4. So cute! So much detail in the clothing! They look very well behaved!

  5. Such cute faces! And you put a lot of detail into their clothes, Wow. It's nice to take a break and work on something different and fun!

  6. Oh, I'm behind...
    Your oak tree is wonderful!!! I bet it will make the juried show.
    Your kitties are F-U-N :)
    Happy Labor Day weekend.

  7. More Kitty Long Tails! Just the thing to have in studio, lots of cats, that don't shed, to keep us company.
    I bet it takes longer to make the clothing than to make the Pusses.But a well dressed kitty is a must, and these are all ready to go to the barn dance!