Friday, October 2, 2015

Rugs, Runners, and News…

September went by in a busy blur.

In the studio the busy blur included producing 8 rugs,

  7 table runners
and two sets of woolly pumpkins.

The Cranbrook found a new home so the studio has been rearranged!  
I was surprisingly happy to see the loom go because it will now be used instead 
of gathering dust and taking up space.

The other good news is Oak Tree has been accepted into the 
Toe River Arts Council Juried Art show!
 Very happy about that! 
The show runs from Oct 17th to Nov. 14th.
I will post some photos of the show for you during that time.

On the home front we have gone from being in a moderate drought and then getting 9 inches of rain at our house since last Thursday night.
 I was really looking forward to the super moon and the eclipse but there was no chance of seeing it with all the cloud cover. 
We are now being affected by hurricane Joaquin bringing more rain, which could cause flooding. Seems the weather is so extreme with either feast or famine. 
Thankfully it is not making landfall!  

At least it has cooled off and some leaf color is beginning to appear in the mountains.
Welcome October!
It’s my birth month and my favorite time of year!


  1. Fall is such a wonderful time; my favorite too! I actually love rainy days for working in my sewing room. We are getting dry here, so wishing Joaquin would send some rain our way. LOve, love your rugs and runners!

  2. I hope you fare well through the storms.
    We have the same forecast but not as extreme.
    The weather people are saying 6 to 10" of rain for us this weekend
    With possible flooding, and severe gusty winds.
    Bless you, Louise! Stay safe and dry!
    I absolutely love the blue one! The colors are amazing!

  3. A big Cranbrook sized congrats on the loom sale. LOVE the pumpkins. Stay dry and safe.

  4. You've been very productive! It all looks wonderful. Happy birth month to you--it's mine, too, so it must be an excellent month! ;-)

  5. My favorite season too - you've been so productive with your loom!

  6. Of course your tree was accepted to the show. We had no doubt. You have been busy and the end result is beautiful. I'm sure the new owner of your Cranbrook is sooooo excited to get started. What fun.

  7. Hi Louise,
    Love all your beautiful woven pieces!! Hooray about the sale of the loom!!! I'm sure it is going to be loved and used!! A BIG CONGRATS on being accepted into the show!!! I just knew you would be as that tree was AMAZING!!! So very happy for you!!! Sorry to hear of all the rain and trust you are keeping safe and dry!! We need it so very badly here in CA and actually had two good days of rain, but could use so much more!! Wish you could send us some in exchange for some of our sunshine!!!
    Take care and have a great week!
    Warm Hugs~

  8. I was certain your Oak tree would be accepted in the juried art show. it's truly a masterpiece.

    You've been busy too I can see. You got lots done and I'm so glad you sold the loom.
    Have a great birthday whenever it is this month.

  9. I just knew the jury could not refuse your piece, congrats on that! I once mentioned on your blog that I own a small loom, purchased solely for the purpose of making runners and placemats and rugs.. Never learned how to use it however. It just sits prettily at the top of our stair landing, sigh. I love your rugs and would place them all over my house if I could. My birthday month as well, Oct 1st. So Happy Birthday to you too!